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26 Oct

Addressing Food Wastage in Africa: A Vital Step Towards Food Security

In the vast and diverse continent of Africa, millions of children suffer from malnutrition, facing a daily struggle for survival. While efforts to provide nourishment to these vulnerable populations are […]


16 Oct

Fifth Annual Fundraiser: A Testament to the Power of Community

On the evening of 14th October 2023, friends and residents from all walks of life came together at the GMI/Pheonix Impact Centre to contribute to our noble cause of combatting […]


25 Aug

The Imperative for Individual Support Towards Addressing Childhood Hunger

Child hunger is a multi-faceted crisis that adversely affects the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of millions of children across the world. According to the World Food Programme, approximately 1 […]


21 Aug

Attend Our Upcoming Fundraiser for a Hunger-Free Future

In a world of abundance, the harsh reality of child hunger persists. With an unwavering commitment to making a positive change, the End African Children Hunger Foundation [EACHF] is thrilled […]


10 Aug

2023 Fundraising Gala: Get Your Ticket!

Join us as we gather to raise funds at our 5th annual Gala towards our Food Distribution outreach to needy children and families. If you cannot attend, your in-kind donations […]


27 Jun

Strategies to fight childhood hunger and malnutrition

News Strategies to fight childhood hunger and malnutrition Organizations can play a crucial role in alleviating child hunger in Africa by implementing various strategies and programs. Here are some ways […]


18 Jun

“Tackling child hunger is a responsibility for everyone…” 
- Franca Adetunji

Despite having the trappings of the end of humanity, the global COVID-19 pandemic came and gradually went. However, another global menace – child hunger and malnutrition – remains seemingly insurmountable. […]


1 Oct

4th Annual Fundraising ceremony: ‘Giving Voice to the Voiceless’

The ‘2022 Giving Voice to the Voiceless’ event was a success!  Supporters gathered on October 1st 2022  to raise funds to support the End African Children Hunger Foundation outreach and […]


16 May

May 2020: Post-Covid food distribution outreach in Ojo, Lagos

The year 2020 was the year of the Coronavirus pandemic when the whole world stood still in an unprecedented global lockdown. Upon the easing of the lockdown in May 2020, […]


9 Nov

3rd Annual Fundraising Gala, Arizona, USA

News 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala, Arizona, USA The evening of Saturday, November, 9th 2019, was very memorable as End African Children Hunger Foundation held its third annual Fundraising Gala. The […]