Outreach at Totowu, Ogun State, Nigeria

In February 2018, we made an audacious journey to the village of Totowu in Ogun state to share with families in the area. It was a nervous, yet exciting outreach as we embarked on 30-minute boat ride across a river from the Odosuti waterside to the Totowu harbour.


Upon arrival, we met with Apostle Kehinde Olaoye who received our team on behalf of the elated group of residents of the area. Prayers were held and a brief introduction of our organization, mission and goals was made. Members of our entourage were also introduced.


Food items where thereafter presented to each family unit present at the gathering. These items included packaged bags of rice, beans and garri. Cartons of Milk, Tomato paste, salt and sugar were also disbursed. Assorted food seasoning were also shared while children snacks like biscuits, sausage rolls and drinks were handed out to the very excited children.

The over 25 benefitting families expressed their profound gratitude to the organization.

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